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It has happened to us all at some time or another. We touch our pockets or look in our bags and there’s a moment of despair when we realise our car keys are missing. For the first few minutes, we’re looking everywhere and backtracking to try and remember where we’ve put them. At some point, you’ll give in and accept that they’re gone. What happens next? The chances are you need to get yourself mobile as quickly as possible. In this case, you need an auto locksmith. Not just any locksmith for cars, but a team that can react quickly and travel to you, rather than you running around North West & Staffordshire. Our technicians are highly trained to deal with any situations where car locksmith services are required for almost any make and models.

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We specialise in auto locksmith services like car key replacement, car key cutting, car key programming, unlocking vehicle’s locked doors, lost or stolen key security, theft protection and more. We have a mobile fleet team with sophisticated equipment and we cover North West & Staffordshire and the surrounding counties.

  • Car lockout / Open door
  • Car keys from scratch
  • Car keys program
  • Car keys duplicate
  • Replacement auto chip key
  • Transponder key programming
  • Keyless entry car / remote keys
  • Push to start fab keys
  • Auto lock pick
  • Trunks Opening
  • Ignition Locks Repaired/Replaced
  • Laser keys services
  • Car key Extraction
  • Remote keys
  • High security car keys
  • Security cameras
  • Alarm lights
  • Diagnostic services

Domestic locksmith

House locksmith services in North West & Staffordshire for any locks and windows change and repair 24/7. working for emergency door opening services day and night.

  • House lockout/open door
  • Lock change
  • Lock fresh installation
  • Lock re-keying
  • Lock repair
  • Replacement of Lost Keys
  • Key cutting and duplicate
  • Lock installation
  • Keypad locks installation and programming
  • Master key
  • Medeco and multi locks
  • High security locks
  • Broken key extraction
  • Unlock safe
  • Smart locks
  • Home lock systems
  • Shelter keys
  • Window Locks
  • Mail Box lock

Commercial Locksmith

Parim Autolocksmith Services has spanned the entire North West & Staffordshire area, providing technical expertise for small, large, and government industries. 

  • Commercial lockout/open door
  • Commercial locks installation
  • Commercial lock change
  • Lock re-keying
  • High security locks
  • Emergency exit doors and panic device
  • Broken key extraction
  • Electric and combination locks
  • Master key system
  • Access control system
  • Security metal doors
  • Unlock safe
  • Intercom Systems and Buzzers

Motorcycle Locksmith

Our motorcycle locksmith  make all types of motorbike keys. From classic and vintage motorcycles to scooters as well as all kinds of modern motorbikes. Modern bikes key cutting includes immobiliser, magnetic keys, keyless and most commonly standard bike keys.

  • Honda scooters and motorbikes,
  • Yamaha motorbikes,
  • Vespa scooters,
  • Piaggio Bikes.
  • Kawasaki motorbikes,
  • KTM bikes,
  • Lexmoto motorcycles and scooters,
  • Agusta motorcycles,
  • BMW motorbikes.
  • Harley Davidson motorcycles,
  • Kymco scooters and bikes,
  • SYM scooters and motorcycles.
  • Ducati motorbikes,
  • Aprilia motorbikes,
  • Gilera Runner scooters,
  • Peugeot scooters and motorbikes,
  • Suzuki motorbikes,
  • quad bikes  and Jetski.

Diagnostic Services

At Parim Autolocksmith & Diagnostic, we take automotive diagnostics to the next level. Our expert technicians offer a wide range of cutting-edge diagnostic services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. From electric throttle relearn and oil maintenance resets to TPMS database resets and DPF regeneration and much more, we’ve got you covered.

  • Electric throttle relearn
  • Oil maintenance reset
  • TPMS reset database
  • DPF regen
  • Battery matching
  • Adaptive front lighting
  • Adblue reset
  • Air/fuel reset
  • ECU reset
  • EGR adaption
  • Clutch matching
  • Engine power balance monitoring
  • Coolant bleed
  • FRM matching
  • Gas particulate filter regeneration
  • Gateway module data calibration
  • Gearbox relearn
  • High voltage battery
  • Immobilizer reset
  • Injector coding
  • Intelligent cruise control system
  • Language change
  • Motor angle calibration
  • Nox sensor reset
  • Rainfall light sensor
  • Transport mode
  • Sunroof reset
  • Stop/Start reset
  • Seat Occupancy calibration
  • Turbocharging matching
  • Windows calibration

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

24 Hour car locksmith in North West & Staffordshire we guarantee professional services at an affordable price

Have you lost your keys and require a 24-hour emergency car locksmith for car key replacement in North West & Staffordshire? Or are you locked out of your house because you don’t have the keys? we are here to assist you in gaining access to your home or vehicle.

When you can’t find your keys, we understand how inconvenient it can be. Parim Auto locksmith Ltd provides emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can quickly change your house locks, repair, cut, or replace your keys. call a vehicle locksmith in North West & Staffordshire to get you back on the road.


20-30 Minutes Arrival

We live in the areas we cover and can usual attend any location in North West & Staffordshire in under 30 minutes

Emergency Service

We have teams all over  North West & Staffordshire so whenever you need help we are on hand to help

DBS Checked Locksmith

Our locksmiths and technicians have been background and licensed checked for your peace of mind




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Frequently Asked

When Should I Call A Locksmiths?

To physically secure your home, offices, premises, assets, and valuables from unauthorized access, intruders, theft, etc and to satisfy insurance requirements. 

to vary the locks if you lose a key or enter a dwelling or premises which has been previously occupied. If you’relocked out of your home/premises, car, or safe – a locksmith can gain access for you with minimum damage and price . In short, anything to try to to with keys, locks, and safes.

I’m Locked Out Of House Are You Able To Help?

Yes, we can, we’ve an emergency 24/7 service – three hundred and sixty five days a year.

High-Security Car Keys

These keys started surfacing within the late 70’s early 80’s in higher-end European designed cars.

 Over the years their design has grown in complexity and is now usually compared with transponder and keyless entry systems.

Master Key System

A passkey System comprises a hierarchy of keys and variety of cylinders/locks that allow different groups or individual key holders to realize access to all or any or specifically designated areas of a building or buildings. 

Put simply, a passkey ed lock may be a lock that’s designed to be opened by a selected individual key or keys and may even be opened by employing a master key. passkey Systems play a critical role within the area of physical security and are wont to control access to facilities like perimeters, entire buildings, and specified spaces within a building.

Usually fitted across one or more sites they vary in size from a couple of doors to multiple buildings or assets across the town , country or indeed the world . More often than not they’re built upon a restricted key system to permit for key control. Their design are often from a really simple passkey and user key design to a posh keying structure.

Restricted Keys

Restricted key systems are designed to offer the system owner the very best level of protection against unauthorized key duplication.

This is often achieved by manufacturers using patents and style registrations to prevent unlawful production of the key blanks also as ensuring that their dealers (Locksmiths) adhere to strict authorization procedures within the cutting of those keys. 

When a restricted key system is meant and installed a signatory form is given to the owner of the key system. this type requires the customer to finish the contact details and sample signatures of the folks that are going to be registered because the “Authorised Signatories” for specific keys. Only appropriate authorized signatories are ready to request copies of the keys. 

Detailed records are kept by the locksmith of all key requests and changes to authorizations. Often these restricted keys are of high security and pick resistant nature.

Security cameras & Alarm lights

Security cameras and alarm lights have become essential tools in ensuring safety and peace of mind.

The primary purpose of security cameras and alarm lights is to deter potential threats. Visible surveillance equipment sends a clear message to would-be criminals that your property is well-protected, significantly reducing the likelihood of break-ins, thefts, or vandalism.

One of the significant advantages of modern security systems is the ability to remotely monitor your property. With security cameras and alarm lights connected to a network, you can access live video feeds and receive real-time alerts through your smartphone or computer.

The need for security cameras and alarm lights cannot be overstated in today’s world. They act as deterrents, provide vital surveillance and evidence, offer remote monitoring capabilities, enhance personal safety, and may even lead to insurance benefits. Whether you are concerned about the security of your home or business, these technologies provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring your peace of mind and safeguarding what matters most to you.

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